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God  always does things right:

His way is ALWAYS the best way. Even if to us it seems all wrong.


K&W Tools Is ISO 9001-Certified  Manufacturer.                   K&W Tools Is An OEM Manufacturer.

K&W Tools Keeps Close Relation with Foreign Buyers On The OEM and ODM (Original equipment/design manufacturer) Basis, with many Branded Customers Coming From Countries Known for Finer Hand-Tool Making, SWITZER-LAND (Bosch), The U.K. (B&D), The U.S. (Stanley) and Germany (Wolfcraft). The Export 95% Of Its Total Output To U.S. And Some industrialized European Nations.            


                           ======================                        Jig Saw Blades BOSCH ,B&D, AND UNIVERSAL SHANK, Carbide Tipped Hole Saw, Bi-Metal Hole Saw, HSS. Hack Saw Blade All Hard,  HSS. Hack Saw Blade Flexible, HSS.Bi-Metal Hack Saw Blade, Tungsten Alloy Steel (SKS-7) All Hard Hack Saw Blade, Tungsten Alloy Steel(SKS-7) Flexible Hack Saw Blade, HCS. Tool Steel (SK-4) All Hard Hack Saw Blade,HCS. Tool Steel (SK-4) Flexible Hack Saw Blade  Hand Saw for PVC, Hand Saw for Wood,  Coping Saw Frame & Blades, Junior Saw Frame & Blades,  HCS. Hole Saw, Carbide Grit Hole Saw, HSS. Annular Cutters, T.C.T. Annular cutters, Step Drill,  Tungsten Carbide grit coated JIG saw Blade And E.T.C.










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